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The Bathville Books series offers readers the chance to dive into a new world of dynamic characters, thrills, mystery and romance. Take a look at the descriptions of the first 6 books in the series below. Available to purchase online throughout the UK.

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Murder Is Just the Beginning

Four murders of staff who work in the same seedy nightclub, a shady nightclub owner, and no clues as to who the murderer is. Detective David Andrews and Detective Paul Cameron are thrust together with two recruits from the United Kingdom, Cathy Adams and Krista Nolan, to solve the murders and bring to justice whoever was responsible for them. Personality clashes and strong physical attractions ensue between the four, but they always maintain their strong professionalism. During the investigation, yet another member of the staff is found murdered, but the evidence is gathering and soon the guilty one is caught. But the case doesn't end there. By the time the court hearing comes around, the accused has already devised a getaway plan. And the hunt is on...

The Revenge (book 2)

Six months have passed since Paul, Dave, Cathy and Krista met and solved their first case together. Now an established power team in their precinct, the detectives are inseparable. A convict Paul arrested 5 years earlier in Brooklyn is released from prison, where he's been plotting a cruel revenge against Paul. He first makes his presence known with sabotage on Paul’s car. Then an attempt is made on Krista’s life. But these are only warm-ups, mere teasers for what he really has in store. With the abduction of Dave and Cathy, Paul and Krista soon learn their friends’ lives hang in the balance. With no clues to find their friends, they know time's running out. Paul’s nemesis always seems to stay a step ahead. Even following a tip that finally puts them on track, the ex-con calls all the shots and Paul and Krista can fear their friends will never be found or, if they are, it will be too late.

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The Consequences (book 3)

A serial cop killer is on the loose. Detectives Paul Cameron, Dave Andrews, Cathy Edwards and Krista Nolan, now a well-established power team in the Bathville Police Department must pool their resources with the rest of Massachusetts’ finest to try and find the killer before his next murder. With the distraction of special celebrations and personal conflicts, the power team experiences unanticipated dynamic challenges and major changes in their individual relationships. When one of the team does something completely unexpected and out of character, the consequences that arise from the actions set in motion a chain of events that, tied in with the killer, ends in tragedy. Is the team strong enough to overcome the consequences and find their way back to peace and harmony? Only time can tell…

The Obsession (book 4)

Kindness is given freely and willingly. But when given to the wrong person, it can turn around and bite you. Detective Krista Cameron finds out the hard way that it doesn’t always pay to be nice. Especially when the recipient of her good intentions decides to repay her by telling her she belongs to him. He starts his obsession by bullying his way into her life and won’t take no for an answer. Wrecking her husband’s car, ruining her home and causing physical harm to her friend are only the beginning to the obsession that will consume him, an obsession that won’t end until he has done what he has to do to get Krista as his own. Even when the obsession turns Krista’s life into a dangerous nightmare, he won’t stop. Not until she’s his.

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The Return (book 5)

A chance to return to their home country to work on a top-security case is a chance Cathy and Krista don’t want to pass up. But within a short time of arriving in Northern Ireland, they are thrown back into the seedier side of the country’s long, tumultuous history. The Police Service of Northern Ireland police officers are being murdered simply because of their religion, by an up and coming paramilitary organization. It is the leaders the detectives must find and put an end to their reign of terror.

The Injustice (book 6)

A Domestic Violence case stirs up memories. A string of bad luck foretells that worse is yet to come. An untimely, unwanted visit from a person Paul Cameron detests and wishes was dead. What else could possibly go wrong? Paul’s easy going life is shattered when a face from his past shows up and changes his world forever. Suddenly charged with a murder he did not commit, Paul learns who his true friends are. And his enemies. A trip to New York to clear his name ends in disaster. No clues, no leads, no chance to find who the real murderer is, Paul must salvage what he can of his reputation and beat the charges against him. If he can’t, he knows his future with his beautiful, loving wife and his close partner and friends will be over.

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Q. Where can I buy books written by Carol Kravetz?

A. Books written by Carol Kravetz can be purchased at Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords.

Q. What do Carol Kravetz e-books cost?

A. £2.99 each.

Q. What do hard copies of Carol Kravetz books cost?

A. From £9.95 to £15.99.

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